Diversity of Expression

The slideshow below features  iTags, weTags, and allTags literally drawn from different Prelude sessions. These powerful artefacts, created by players ages 12 to 50+, illustrate the rich diversity of expression available by combining basic words, symbols, and colors. While the process of self, peer, and group discovery follows a similar arc during each game played, the actual artefacts created are unique every time.

For more about Visual Thinking please see Heliograph, a sister blog. It’s worth noting a significant minority of the general population are visual spatial learners. They are not well understood or served within traditional education. Innovative learning tools like Prelude, Career Mapping from Springboard Forward, and Picturing To Learn from Harvard and MIT help empower and unleash the potential of these learners. Another relevant related area of research involves how we process images and text, which is a ubiquitous global phenomenon thanks to the Internet and mobile media.   Learning tools that help us to better master these two languages are essential in the global knowledge economy.