Graduation & EQ

It is graduation time. High School students and College students now face a major transition into the next stage of life.  The NY Times has published two related articles with similar advice to graduates.

Plan B: Skip College

Dr. Robert Lerman, a Senior Fellow at the Department of Economics, American University, observes that social and emotional skills are “ranked the most desired even ahead of educational attainment — in many surveys of employers”. Employers want entry-level employees who can co-operate with others, negotiate, resolve conflict, listen actively, solve problems, and make decisions. Problematically this is not what they are getting.

Graduates’ First Job: Marketing Themselves

Edwin Koc, Research Director of the National Association of Colleges and Employers, says the same thing as Dr. Lerman. That is, companies want graduates who can effectively communicate and work as teams. Interesting to note that employment trends are up in accounting, engineering, computing, and mathematics. These are professions noted for a lack of social and emotional skills. EQ needs to round out IQ.

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