Parents Play Prelude

Massey-Vanier High School recently hosted a novel ‘Meet The Teacher’ evening. Grade 7 students taught their parents to play Prelude, a learning game used in class. Prelude helps foster self-knowledge, communication, collaboration, and appreciation for diversity. Seventeen families, with a total of fifty-one members, participated. Gail Klinck, the lead teacher and Prelude pioneer, reported that ‘without fail everyone said Prelude is a good resource’. One parent, a corporate executive, said Prelude is essential for preparing students for the knowledge economy. Massey-Vanier High School and the Eastern Townships School Board have innovated with Prelude since 2007. This innovation is particularly noteworthy. Research shows that when the families of students in a school associate with one another, social capital is greatly increased for all involved. Prelude provides an engaging, practical way for students, teachers, and parents to understand each other better and communicate more effectively. For more  information, please see the related Case Study.

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