Playing Prelude in the Gulf

April promises to be a fascinating month vis-à-vis Prelude’s growing use internationally. More specifically, this involves three events in Dubai where the learning game will be highlighted. These are discussed below. All are the result of the pioneering efforts of Professor Maureen Cocksedge and her colleagues at Women’s College. Professor Cocksedge began piloting Prelude in early 2009 after learning about it at the NatCon Conference in Toronto. This trio of events is a testament to her tireless efforts to enhance the quality of her students learning and to advance educational praxis. Women’s College is one of 16 campuses within the Higher Colleges of Technology network across the United Arab Emirates. HCT offers four levels of study, from Diploma to Masters and serves 18,000 students.

E Learning in Action Conference, April 7

Teachers, e-learning developers, and educational technology specialists from all UAE Technical Colleges will meet at Sharjah HCT. The goal is to demonstrate how teachers have employed technology to create pedagogically sound, meaningful learning opportunities for their students. Professor Maureen Cocksedge will present a Prelude workshop.

Women’s College Faculty of Business, April 15

Heliotrope working partner Ross McKegney will be presenting a two-hour Prelude workshop with students. He will also meet with social entrepreneur counterparts to explore ways to develop Prelude further for regional use including Arabization.

CounsellingArabia, April 27 – 29

CounsellingArabia brings together hundreds of professionals from across the Gulf region and the Middle East. This includes: educators, career development practitioners, personal counsellors, human resources managers, social workers, recruiters, career management consultants, students, organizational development professionals, life coaches and government representatives. Professor Cocksedge will be presenting her paper “Playing Prelude in the Gulf: A case study in diversity documenting a virtual international exchange between UAE and Canadian students.” As well, Professor’s Maureen Cocksedge, Elisa Hunt, and Boulos Chalita will present a half-day workshop: Playing Prelude in the Gulf: self-exploration, team collaboration and diversity learning can be fun!

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