School of One

School of One, based in NYC, offers an innovative, audacious new way for students to learn. Joel Rose, the school’s founder, states it “is based on one simple idea—that we are organizing an entire school around the needs of each individual student.” The school uses a holistic interdisciplinary approach that capitalizes on technology to support students based on their individual learning styles. The school uses what is called a ’student playlist’. This provides a global profile of a particular student in terms of likes, aptitudes, learning styles, etc. A unique learning algorithm is then developed for each student.  ”As it collects data, the algorithm learns more about students and becomes more effective at predicting the academic plan that will be most effective for them … That may mean, for example, that a student may be ready for seventh grade content in one area of math but needs sixth grade content in another. The playlist is continually adjusted as students acquire skills along the way … Students’ schedules are displayed on monitors located throughout the School of One math center. They can also access their schedule online when they log in each day through the School of One portal”.